Needed Learnings of a Coach

There are so many things to learn and remember as a coach, so I like to have a model or overview, because it helps me categorize everything for eased learning and differentiation. Differentiation, because it makes sense to me to separate the learning of e.g. one’s limiting belief and how these might influence one’s coaching, from how to help a coachee in dealing with his or her limiting beliefs. Have a look at the model and see what you can fill into its boxes.

My 2017 Reading List

Often being asked what I am reading these days, I generally list the books as I consume them – and this type of consumption I enjoy a lot. With this list, I can keep track on whether I live up to my goal of continued life learning, and have an easy way of answering just that question. Have a look if you are curious or are in need of new reading ideas – whether you want to read a book or perhaps my posts related to the same topic.

How to Speak so People Want to Listen

Did you see the TED video with Julian Treasure, named How to speak so that people want to listen, where he demonstrates the how-to’s of powerful speaking, including what to do and what to avoid, and finishes off with handy vocal exercises and thoughts on how to make the world sound more beautiful. Here is an introduction with a link to the talk.

Upwards Management in Short

Most managers do not need to be managed, but the relationship with your manager will always be better if both the superior and the subordinate are developing and managing it. Read in short (300 words), how to do this and the benefits thereof.

Easing Upwards Management of You

You are a manager who has mastered the skill of managing your manager, but have you mastered making it easier for subordinates to manage their upwards relationship with you? This post takes the perspective of the manager, for whom it is highly beneficial to ease the upwards management job of her or his subordinates.

Gauging Your Boss’ Needs – Model

How do you know how much to involve your boss? How often to share updates? How much detail to provide your superior, in a given situation? I am often met with this frustration when coaching middle management and I, therefore, came up with an illustration that has proven helpful. Have a look…

Free Subordinate Worksheet for Managing Upwards

Improve your Upward Management with this free Worksheet! We Manage Upwards in order to develop and manage the relationship with our superior. In return for our good work, cooperation, reliability, and honesty, our superior willingly offers access to information, contacts, resources, advice, and support. Upwards management works best with mutual involvement and a good understanding of each other. Enjoy this limited time, free download worksheet from HWAO Consulting now.

CPC Founding Day

Every year on July 1st, the founding of the world’s largest political party is commemorated by both members and non-members. It is, of course, the Communist Party of China and its more than 86 million members, I am referring to. Read more about this and a simple overview of the party structure.

Upwards Management Interview with my Boss

Effective work requires the support of your superior, which oftentimes also requires that you manage your superior well. This is only possible if you know and understand your boss, so why not arrange to interview him or her? This post lists a lot of questions useful for getting to know your superior better, or you can use it as a checklist for gauging how well you know him already.

My 2016 Reading List

As a Consultant and an Executive Coach, I have obligated myself to life-long learning, so I try to read as many books as I have time for. I finally finished a dusty task on my long to-do list, and here present you with my reading list from 2016. This post is followed by links to an accumulated list of (most of my) read books since I started this list in 2014.

Quiz for Internal Training Program

This is a quick Booster Activity for people who participated the training named ‘Setting Up an Internal Training Program’, meant to trigger your memory and thereby boost your long term memory. A simple quiz like this is good to do within a few days after the training.

Memory Booster Activities

Research shows that trainees forget the majority of what they learn within the first 24 hours!! Obviously, it is extremely beneficial to avoid this, so the trainees can remember as much as possible and so your return on the investment will not be near zero after a few weeks. Luckily, there are many things you can and should do about this, as listed in this post.

Dragon Boat Festival 4715

Dear friends and clients,
The Dragon Boat festival is just around the corner, on 4715.05.05 – the fifth day in the fifth month of the Chinese year 4715. In other words, this year it falls on May 30 and many people will be off from the 28th to the 30th, while working on May 27th.