How to Counter Influence

You probably already read several of my below-listed posts on how to influence others, but how do you avoid being influenced yourself? Every influence trick in the book works both ways! Read what you can do to detect influencing, why it works, and how to counter it, in this post.

Leadership Development

What skills and competencies do you need to have or learn, as a leader or a manager? There is no perfect and right-for-all answer to this question, and surely no shortage of leadership theories and books. Nevertheless, this is a common question leaders ask themselves and indirectly ask me during coaching sessions and mentoring. Therefore, I made this post that hopefully can give you an idea of what topics you should be comfortable with as a leader and manager.

Persuasion and Culture

Does persuasion and influencing work differently in different cultures? The post series of Persuasion and Influencing helps you understand how you can influence others and are influenced by others, in various situations, and this post takes a cross-cultural perspective on persuading and influencing. Will all the earlier described ways and examples work despite cultural differences? Read about what principles of influence you can expect to work universally and which principles will be impacted by cultural differences.

Lifelong Learning

Develop Yourself with Lifelong Learning! Lifelong Learning is what drives me! I find the pursuit and ‘acquisition’ of knowledge to be incredibly important for my self-motivation. Obviously, it also benefits my personal and professional life, but the drive for me is much more than a focus on the future benefits – it is the adventure of trying something new, and it is the boost of energy and self-confidence I get from my self-improvement.

Help! My Kids Exposed to Violence!

China Movie Rating Dearly Needed!
In the name of speaking up for the purpose of the greater good, here goes! What’s up with the frequent and sometimes involuntary (forced) exposure to mature content movies?  I call for everyone to take steps to protect our children! (#ProtectOurKids) 

Employee Appraisal Overview

Over the years, I have written a lot about Employee Performance Management and hereunder about Employee Appraisal, but never made an overview of the latter, giving you readers a good outline of the Employee Appraisal related posts. So what better time of the year to do this than now, where it soon is time for appraisals and perhaps after the appraisals when it is time to review the appraisal system. Most of my related posts are described below, or are listed in the simple list at the end of this post. Enjoy…

Influencing Negotiations with DiSC

The behavioral assessment tool DiSC is great for understanding both oneself and the people around us, and whereas it is never 100% reliable it still provides a great framework for such analysis. By quickly being able to place a given person into one of the four DiSC Styles, we easily have an idea of how to do, and what best to do, when dealing with this given person – true and highly useful in management, motivation, negotiation, and many other daily situations. This post aims to expand your negotiation skills by sharing a number of examples of how to influence opponents of the four different DiSC Behavioral Styles, and thus combines my writing on DiSC with that on Influence and Persuasion.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Services

HWAO Consulting offers a number of different services, helping companies and their employees to better deal with Sexual Harassment Prevention. This post lists all of the currently available services, but you are also welcome to make contact to have a discussion about customized services. Let us start with the key benefits of dealing with Sexual Harassment Prevention in a professional and proactive manner.

How to Influence Others

Influence and persuasion are used daily by most people, as argued in my recent post, but how does it work, how can we use influence, and how can we detect when others are influencing us in an undesired way? The book ‘Influence’ by R. Cialdini holds the answers to this and much more – and was my inspiration for this post that will give you a great first taste of ‘Influence’.

Happy Doggy Year and My Struggle with Tai Sui

Dear clients and readers, Spring Festival (Chūn jié or 春节) is just around the corner and I would like to wish you ‘harmony and joy for the whole family’ (Héqì jíxiáng quánjiā lè or 和氣吉祥全家樂) in the New Year. It is time to celebrate the zodiac Dog Year (Gǒu nián or 狗年), which I do with a post touching upon the zodiac animals, the god Tai Sui (Tài Suì or犯太), and what it means to be entering one’s BenMing Year (Běn mìng nián or 本命年). Happy New Year everyone!

Companies Responsible for Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Companies in China – For years it has been required to train employees about Sexual Harassment in certain countries and areas, but the attention is reaching new heights with the current #MeToo movement. This post touches upon the responsibility of the company, what you should do as an employer, examples, related services, and benefits – in general and in a China.

Persuasion in Negotiation

Have you ever considered how much easier your daily life and negotiations would be if you were even better at persuading and influencing others? This post looks at persuasion in general and in negotiation, the difference of persuasion and influence, as well as at six specific principles of persuasion.

Thoughtless Bike-Share Investors

Dockless Bike-Sharing and Thoughtless Bike-Share Investors!
In the name of speaking up for the purpose of the greater good, here goes! What’s up with the wasteful spending of billions in bike-mountains? I call for investors to take a deeper responsibility when choosing where to invest their money! Don’t be Thoughtless Bike-Share Investors, in that industry nor another.  (#ThoughtlessBikeShareInvestors) 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear clients and friends, The holidays are here and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2017 has been a great year and I am thankful for finally having had time to experiment with eLearning. If you have not tried it yet, hurry up and enjoy the still free trial period. Thank you and best wishes to you all for a great 2018!

Facilitating Conflict

As leaders, we want to get the most out of our teams and one way to do this is to assure that everyone weighs-in to buy-in. Your final solution, and its outcome, is best when everyone has shared their opinions, been heard, argued vigorously, and only then have agreed – this also leads to the best commitment. But how is this done? By facilitating Productive Conflicts.

Team Development with Vulnerability Based Trust

Trust is important for good team results, but trust doesn’t come easily and we live in a world that constantly shows us trust-diminishing behavior. Nevertheless, you have a large impact on the level of trust in your own team, and there are lots you can do to elevate it. Here are some thoughts on how everyone can promote and grow team trust even further with Vulnerability Based Trust.