Team Development with Vulnerability Based Trust

Trust is important for good team results, but trust doesn’t come easily and we live in a world that constantly shows us trust-diminishing behavior. Nevertheless, you have a large impact on the level of trust in your own team, and there are lots you can do to elevate it. Here are some thoughts on how everyone can promote and grow team trust even further with Vulnerability Based Trust.

HWAO Company Presentation

Dear clients and friends,
I have updated the company presentation, which was about high time. The new version is simpler and lists services offered and details on consulting, workshops, training, as well as an introduction of the HWAO logo, vision, mission, values, selected clients, and myself.

Five Team Dysfunctions’ Character Analysis

This post was written as an assignment, where the participants were to debate the Lencioni book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and its characters, while linking it with DiSC profiling and Belbin team roles. This means, that you might not fully agree with the analysis in this post, but it will be a good base for your own analysis and discussions, as well as serving as a reminder or introduction to the various people in Lencioni’s story.

HWAO eLearning Available Now – FREE!!!

Dear clients and readers, it is with great pride and pleasure that I now open the HWAO eLearning Center after months of programming, testing, and developing the first online training course. The system is not 100% perfect yet, but great enough for students to have a good learning experience, and surely good enough that I can offer free training to the first 100 people who sign up!!!

The 5 Team Dysfunctions Summary

This post is a very short summary of the book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni – only mentioning the dysfunction, our hindrance of improvement, and the countermeasure or Leadership behavior allowing us to improve our team. Hey, but that is a good start, right?

The Engaged and Interesting Meeting

There is nothing worse than wasting time to re-discuss what has already been decided, if caused by participants having been poorly prepared or not engaged enough to open up and share both their opinions and knowledge in the first place. This post is about how to avoid meeting boredom and about making meetings interesting and the participants engaged – leading to more efficient meetings and stronger commitment.

National Day Holiday

The National Day holiday of China (国庆节 or Guóqìng Jié) starts on October 1st and is a 7-days off event, with the actual holidays scheduled on October 1-3 and then filling a week up by moving weekends or using personal leave. This post touches upon the historical origin of National Day, common activities, and more.

Overcoming Chinese Fear of Conflict

Overcoming Fear of Conflict in Return for Better Commitment and Results! Patrick Lencioni says we will achieve better commitment and faster results by eliminating our fear of conflict. Healthy conflicts will help employees spend more energy on the outcome and decisions will not only be faster, but you will avoid having to re-discuss the already closed decisions. That is obviously all good, but does this also make sense in a culture where harmony is among the top values? Is it even possible to benefit discussions and teams with such conflicts in any strong harmony cultures, where conflicts usually are shunned? Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Needed Learnings of a Coach

There are so many things to learn and remember as a coach, so I like to have a model or overview, because it helps me categorize everything for eased learning and differentiation. Differentiation, because it makes sense to me to separate the learning of e.g. one’s limiting belief and how these might influence one’s coaching, from how to help a coachee in dealing with his or her limiting beliefs. Have a look at the model and see what you can fill into its boxes.

My 2017 Reading List

Often being asked what I am reading these days, I generally list the books as I consume them – and this type of consumption I enjoy a lot. With this list, I can keep track on whether I live up to my goal of continued life learning, and have an easy way of answering just that question. Have a look if you are curious or are in need of new reading ideas – whether you want to read a book or perhaps my posts related to the same topic.

How to Speak so People Want to Listen

Did you see the TED video with Julian Treasure, named How to speak so that people want to listen, where he demonstrates the how-to’s of powerful speaking, including what to do and what to avoid, and finishes off with handy vocal exercises and thoughts on how to make the world sound more beautiful. Here is an introduction with a link to the talk.

Upwards Management in Short

Most managers do not need to be managed, but the relationship with your manager will always be better if both the superior and the subordinate are developing and managing it. Read in short (300 words), how to do this and the benefits thereof.

Easing Upwards Management of You

You are a manager who has mastered the skill of managing your manager, but have you mastered making it easier for subordinates to manage their upwards relationship with you? This post takes the perspective of the manager, for whom it is highly beneficial to ease the upwards management job of her or his subordinates.

Gauging Your Boss’ Needs – Model

How do you know how much to involve your boss? How often to share updates? How much detail to provide your superior, in a given situation? I am often met with this frustration when coaching middle management and I, therefore, came up with an illustration that has proven helpful. Have a look…

Free Subordinate Worksheet for Managing Upwards

Improve your Upward Management with this free Worksheet! We Manage Upwards in order to develop and manage the relationship with our superior. In return for our good work, cooperation, reliability, and honesty, our superior willingly offers access to information, contacts, resources, advice, and support. Upwards management works best with mutual involvement and a good understanding of each other. Enjoy this limited time, free download worksheet from HWAO Consulting now.

CPC Founding Day

Every year on July 1st, the founding of the world’s largest political party is commemorated by both members and non-members. It is, of course, the Communist Party of China and its more than 86 million members, I am referring to. Read more about this and a simple overview of the party structure.