China 2019 Public Holidays

Here are all the public China holidays for 2019. Add the dates to your calendar now and avoid booking confusion and inefficient visiting time. You can also read about the traditions and more around each holiday.

Logical Structure of the GLOBE Study

The GLOBE research project (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) offers a great insight to how different cultures look at leadership and is unique in terms of its objective of looking at what constitutes good leadership across cultures, as well as its large scope. It is a quantitative study with more than 17,000 manager respondents, from 951 organizations, three industries (food processing, financial services, and telecommunications services), and 61 countries across the world – teaching us how to lead across cultures.

My 2018 Reading List

We live as long as we learn! Besides my daily learning from doing, the greatest lessons in my lifelong learning come from reading articles and books, and I read as much as I can find time for. Sometimes, I will watch some television, but afterward, I often feel I have wasted my time and wish I would have the stamina to spend my time better. Anyway, as my habit has been in the previous years, I here list the books I have read or re-read in 2018.

Leadership Across Cultures

Globalization means that we increasingly lead teams of mixed cultures, which is both a strength for the team and the company, but also a challenge for the leader. This post looks at leadership attributes and how they are seen across various cultures, according to the findings from the famous GLOBE Project.

Persuasion Series Overview

Over the past months, this blog has been enriched with several new posts relating to persuading and influencing in various situations, and in some cases mixed with other topics that I work with. A good example of this is a mixed topic like influencing in leadership, or the post on how to use your DiSC knowledge to influence during a negotiation, which actually is crossing three different topics. Here is the automatically updated list of persuasion and influence related posts, that will help you get a quick overview and hopefully motivate you to read more.

Meeting Derailed due to DiSC High-styling

The DiSC tool for behavioral assessment is widely known and appreciated for its usefulness in most situations of human cooperation and self-understanding. This post applies the characteristics of each DiSC Style, in a short story of how a meeting got derailed due to the different DiSC Styles of its participants. It illustrates the four types of DiSC in their purest forms (High-styling) and how things can go bad when no one practices Style Flexibility nor show concern for others’ behavioral preferences.

Structured Team Improvement

As a consultant and coach, I often help companies improve their teams, and even though the process is fairly simple, there are some general obstacles and good reasons why you might fail the first time. Nevertheless, becoming aware of these pitfalls is a great start, which together with a planned and structured approach will help improve most team. It is my hope that this post will help you do just that.

Help! Speakerphone Etiquette Needed

Let’s Expand Courtesy in China! Well educated people realize that it is inappropriate to share one’s speaker sound with people who did not volunteer to listen in. Perhaps this is not on a level with second-hand smoking, but it is getting up there. Especially when one is surrounded by multiple sound sources in a tightly packed airplane or similar place. (#SpeakerphoneCourtesy)

Influencing as a Leader

How do we best get others to achieve our common goals and objectives? It used to be that one’s positional authority would be enough, but those days are more or less over. Good leadership requires great influencing powers, so you can motivate people intrinsically, and thus motivate, earn your authority, and achieve your goals. This post shows how Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Influence can be applied to leadership. 

China’s Anti-graft Campaign Shifts Gear

China’s New Anti-graft and Anti-unfair Competition Laws! China and Precedent Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign against corruption has been strong going since 2012 and is said to have jailed more than 1.5 million party members in its first six years. Now its strength has been increased and its reach been tripled by including all state and public-sector employees. This post introduces the changes and their increased power to rein in bribery and corruption. 

How to Counter Influence

You probably already read several of my below-listed posts on how to influence others, but how do you avoid being influenced yourself? Every influence trick in the book works both ways! Read what you can do to detect influencing, why it works, and how to counter it, in this post.

Leadership Development

What skills and competencies do you need to have or learn, as a leader or a manager? There is no perfect and right-for-all answer to this question, and surely no shortage of leadership theories and books. Nevertheless, this is a common question leaders ask themselves and indirectly ask me during coaching sessions and mentoring. Therefore, I made this post that hopefully can give you an idea of what topics you should be comfortable with as a leader and manager.

Persuasion and Culture

Does persuasion and influencing work differently in different cultures? The post series of Persuasion and Influencing helps you understand how you can influence others and are influenced by others, in various situations, and this post takes a cross-cultural perspective on persuading and influencing. Will all the earlier described ways and examples work despite cultural differences? Read about what principles of influence you can expect to work universally and which principles will be impacted by cultural differences.

Lifelong Learning

Develop Yourself with Lifelong Learning! Lifelong Learning is what drives me! I find the pursuit and ‘acquisition’ of knowledge to be incredibly important for my self-motivation. Obviously, it also benefits my personal and professional life, but the drive for me is much more than a focus on the future benefits – it is the adventure of trying something new, and it is the boost of energy and self-confidence I get from my self-improvement.

Help! My Kids Exposed to Violence!

China Movie Rating Dearly Needed!
In the name of speaking up for the purpose of the greater good, here goes! What’s up with the frequent and sometimes involuntary (forced) exposure to mature content movies?  I call for everyone to take steps to protect our children! (#ProtectOurKids)